Who should take this course?

Estate Agents in South Africa who want to understand how the POPI Act has changed the way they can canvass and market to find new business should take this super easy to understand course.

What this course covers

  • 1

    Making POPI practical for Estate Agents

    • They way Estate Agents worked before POPI

    • Making POPI practical for you

    • Making POPI Practical Quiz

    • What can you do with your databases?

    • Your Obligations

    • Complying with POPI without Technology

    • Complying with POPI with Technology


CEO LeadSquared Africa

Chantelle Fraser

Drawing on years of experience, not only in sales and marketing but her many successes in entrepreneurship, Chantelle has a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from working in a number of industries. Chantelle continually seeks opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and deepen client relationships by building a knowledge base of client’s businesses and objectives. Chantelle has been instrumental in bringing the LeadSquared solutions to the South African market to meet the ever growing needs of the business communities.


  • What system does Chantelle refer to in this course

    Chantelle includes screenshots to demonstrate how technology can help Estate Agents comply with POPI and as the CEO of LeadSquared Africa, she refers to LeadSquared which you can test for free at www.leadsquared.co.za

  • Why can Chantelle assist Estate Agents on understanding POPI

    Chantelle was the CEO and founder of Dracore Data Sciences a registered credit bureau and has over 10 years experience working in the data space that is a heavily regulated industry.

  • Why does Chantelle know how Estate Agents work

    Chantelle has worked with Property Professionals since 2005 when she worked at FNB and Nedbank across various home loan channels. Chantelle also developed and took to market a CRM that over 6000 Estate Agents used since 2016. You may remember it - MYCE

What is LeadSquared?

LeadSquared is a all-in-one Sales & Marketing Automation Platform that will enable Estate Agents to manage the obligations setout in the POPI Act and at the sametime, help Estate Agents to sell more properties, faster.